More Fun in the Philippines: 600-million-dollar pillars (or a note on the Philippine North Rail Project)

I don’t understand my fellow Filipinos. They’re mad at the current Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona for allegedly illegally amassing around 200 million-peso worth of prime real estate.

Meanwhile, no one cares about the 600-million-dollar worth of ugly-looking pillars in Malolos, Bulacan (just more than 30 km north of Manila). The Philippine government spent 600 million dollars for these pillars during the Macapagal-Arroyo regime. Collectively, these ugly pillars constitute what the government calls as the North Rail Project which will connect LRT 1 Monumento (in Caloocan) to the province of Bulacan and Pampanga. As of this writing, no one has filed plunder charges against those who financially benefited from this monumental act of plunder.

Here’s the photo of those 600-million-dollar pillars (January 2012):

The North Rail Project displaced more than 30,000 urban poor families who are now in a more miserable state in shockingly substandard government-financed relocation sites (mostly in the province of Bulacan).

Funds for the North Rail Project were acquired through loans from the “People’s Republic” of China.

The Chinese contractor of the said project has no experience whatsoever in building railroads.

One last thing, the contract for the North Rail Project was written in Mandarin (with no translation available).



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